The Artistic Fuel Foundation

The Artistic Fuel Foundation seeks to create and support community spaces for individuals to pursue and develop their artistic passions, to promote well-being rooted in creative expression, and to engage in arts-based learning vital to human transformation.


Empower the Artist in All of Us

The Artistic Fuel Foundation unites with Artistic Fuel in its mission to help every human being ignite and reinforce – or rediscover – the fire of creativity and imagination that exists within them.


Creativity is the Highest Form of Expression

We believe that every human being is an artist. We believe that humans are at their best when they have the freedom and confidence to bring their creativity to light and display their most true, and most benevolent, nature through artistic expression, regardless of medium.


Connect, Collaborate, Inspire

The Artistic Fuel Foundation seeks to honor the full expression of humanity through direct support to artists and the generation of community spaces that bring people together around artistic pursuits. We are committed to the design of arts-based educational programming that transforms the experience of learning, and participation in research and advocacy to expand understanding of the role of arts and creativity in human experience.