The brainchild of Jack O'Donnell, The Artistic Fuel Foundation is an idea decades in the making. The Artistic Fuel Foundation asserts that every person should have the opportunity to actualize their artistic potential. Our creative natures manifest as childhood imagination but too often, responsibilities and societal pressures of adulthood drain that creative energy. The Artistic Fuel Foundation envisions a world where everyone can pursue their childhood imaginations and creative ideas throughout their life, uninterrupted. Within this vision, our creative capacities are nurtured at all stages of our lifespans allowing us to live in our most profound and enlightened state.


The Artistic Fuel Foundation strives to help people ignite or rediscover the fire of creativity and imagination that exists within them. We share tools and resources to sustain a healthy creative life.


Realizing the full potential of creatives in developing a more inclusive community in the arts and at home. We're committed to the design of arts-based educational programming that transforms the experience of learning, and participation in research and advocacy to expand understanding of the role of arts and creativity in human experience. We'll drive a new era of healthy, sustainable creativity that champions arts based research and mental health as the foundation for community development and creative success.


  • Inspirational outcomes start as aspirational ideas
  • Good questions are the foundation of good decision making
  • Inclusivity drives opportunity and change
  • Research and education is paramount to successful development
  • Impact isn't quantity but rather quality



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